The Urban Tree Diversity Conference (UTD5), to be held in October 2024 in Madrid, Spain, , aims to help craft a vision for the future of urban forests by sharing innovations from a spectrum of scientific disciplines that seek to secure the health and resilience of our urban trees.

As our cities face the pressing challenges of climate change, extreme weather events, increasing population growth and densification, the role of urban forestry becomes increasingly vital. This conference serves as a platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and shape the future of our urban forests and trees for the benefit of our cities, our communities, and the environment.

UTD5 Topics

1) Using tree diversity to mitigate risks from a changing climate.

2) Novel approaches to urban tree selection

3) Emerging technologies and their role in urban forest management

4) Harnessing open data and citizen engagement to support urban forestry

Call for Abstracts now OPEN!

The Call for Abstracts for the 5th Urban Tree Diversity Conference (UTD5) is now OPEN. We are currently accepting abstract submissions on the following topics: Using tree diversity to mitigate risks from a changing climate. Novel approaches to urban tree selection....

UTD5 Call for abstracts opening soon!

The 5th International Urban Tree Diversity Conference that will take place in Madrid on 24th-25th of October 2024 will be opening the call for abstracts soon. UTD5 Topics Climate Change and Risk Management Emerging Technologies Open Data, Citizen Engagement, and...

UTD5 Organizers